We are planning to screen the film in Jewish venues and on college campuses across the country — to galvanize Jews and all decent people to come to the defense of Jewish students on campus.

You can help by:
• Arranging a screening in your community
or hosting a fund-raiser in your home.
• Making a tax-deductible donation

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  • "Hate Spaces is a wake up call to the Jewish community and to civil society in America about the institutionalization of bigotry on college campuses."

    Alan Dershowitz

    Felix Frankfurter Professor Emeritus of Law, Harvard Law School
  • "Hate Spaces is a film every American needs to see. It is alarming to see the tolerance of anti-Semitism in higher education."

    Ruth Wisse

    Martin Peretz Professor Emerita of Yiddish Literature, Harvard University
  • "Hate Spaces is an essential and timely film. Responding to this phenomenon requires  a deep and honest  analysis of its causes. Hate Spaces does this meticulously, thoroughly, and grippingly."

    Andrew Pessin

    Professor of Philosophy, Connecticut College
    Campus Bureau Editor, The Algemeiner
  • "Hate Spaces is a powerful and insightful documentary that should waken all Americans to end the campus’ Judeophobic problem before tragedy strikes."

    Daniel Pipes

    President, Middle East Forum
  • "Hate Spaces is an exceptional film that brings to life the hostile environment for Jewish students on campus, and the failure of university leadership to live up to its proclaimed values."

    Tammi Rossman-Benjamin

    Director, AMCHA Initiative